Motherland - A Project for Before, Now and Next . . .

I just finished a workshop of "Motherland" - a new full length play, by the spectacular Lisa Kenner Grissom. This first workshop was at Inkwell Theatre and we got to work on the play while Lisa continued to push it forward. It was such a great workshop experience, because Lisa had time to do rewrites.  We're now gearing up to start the next workshop phase at The Antaeus Theatre Company.

I love this project more than I can say. Lisa's words speak to my soul and she's given me the opportunity to help develop and play two amazing, strong, and complicated women. In this play about four generations of Jewish women, I play Lizzie and Elizabeth. Lizzie has had a mental breakdown and is compelled to return to her childhood home, where her mother and grandmother live, to unearth her family's journey to America, as well as their history of mental illness.  Lizzie wants to get to the root of her family and her soul. I also play Lizzie's Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth, who escapes the Pogroms in Russia with her daughter but loses her husband along the way. Elizabeth is the beginning of the family thread that Lizzie needs to pull free.

Something I love about this story (a theme I have been seeing in a lot of theatre lately) is the idea that families pass trauma down through the generations. And it will keep being passed down until someone figures out how to exorcise it. What an exciting and harrowing heroine's journey!!!

Abigail MarksComment