Praise for Abby!!

**Cloud 9 (The Antaeus Theatre Company)
"Abigail Marks, who was so memorable in Antaeus' 2014 production of "Top Girls," has her hands full in Act 1, switching roles between a lovelorn lesbian governess and an independent firecracker of a neighbor who has orgasms while fending off Clive's advance. She adroitly handles the dizzying demands, but she brings a gritty reality to Lin, a chaotic lesbian who, while looking after her unruly child Cathy, falls in love with all-grown-up Victoria." -Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

"Abigail Marks is charismatic as the blunt Lin, and does impressive turns as the liberated Mrs. Saunders and the love-struck governess Ellen.  Kudos to her as well for a heroic number of costume changes." - Terry Morgan, Stage Raw

"The wonderful Abigail Marks' buxom-heaving neighbor Mrs. Saunders [is] HYSTERICAL! Marks' Ellen and Lin are the most grounding characters in this crazy bunch of high drama histrionics, achieving a great balance of pathos and frivolity." - Gil Kaan, Broadway World

"Abigail Marks jumps, it seems effortlessly, with mind-blowing quick changes, between the seductive Mrs. Saunders and the bi-curious maid Ellen, then later anchoring Act 2 as the dyke-ish feminist Lin. - Travis Michael Holder, Arts in LA

**Top Girls (The Antaeus Theatre Company)
"The truly indelible performance is by Marks as the sweetly lost and desperately needy Angie, falling somewhere between Chaplin's Tramp and Bette Davis as Baby Jane, bringing haunting fruition to a character you want to climb onstage and comfort." -Travis Michael Holder, Arts In LA

"Marks as Angie was far more affecting, with Marks imparting an unmistakable air of menace to the disturbed Angie." -Deborah Kulgman, LA Weekly

"The ensemble is nothing short of sensational, not one false move [. . .} except I must admit sparks fly whenever Marks is on stage. She is a young actress to keep your eyes on.  Quite remarkable as Gret and particularly Angie!" -Don Grigware, Broadway World

"Marks is heartbreaking as the troubled Angie, petulant and nakedly needy.'" -Talkin' Broadway LA

**South of Delancey (Fremont Centre Theatre)
"Among this exceptional cast, Marks is a particular standout." -F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

"Rubenstone and Marks have uncommonly good stage chemistry together during their most intense and frightening scene. Marks's performance takes off during the second act, revealing a matured character that tries to remain positive despite embittered cynicism and disappointment." -Mia Bonadonna, The LAist

"Abigail Marks as Faye and Michael Rubenstone as Marty are an explosive and unpredictable duo." -Jose Ruiz, Review Plays

**Eurydice (A Noise Within)
"all of this would be comparatively bland were it not for Abigail Marks, Jessie Losch and Kelly Ehlert, as the stones.  Their concerted reactions to the action, and their constant critical commentary provides delight, and provides most of the memorable moments in the play [. . .] their choreography in movement and speech have a sharp, crisp quality [. . .] And they are very funny, very often." -Frances Baum Nicholson, Stagestruck Review

"comical [. . .] an adamantine chorus." - F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

"provide[s] abrasive sass." -Jesse David Corti, Stage and Cinema

"unconventional [. . .] playfully rendered." -Elyse Cook, Stage Happenings

**Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (The George Washington University)
"Thank goodness for the spunky Abby Marks.  She invests juicy oscillations into Big Mama, who is more pivotal here than in most productions. Marks' is the only principal accent satisfactorily assumed, and she boasts reserves of stage business that give the role pith and vim.  When she's on stage, "Cat" has a pulse - and more important - a heart. -Christopher Correa, The GW Hatchet